Testing three DHT22 sensors

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Yea, I thought it was a good idea to repeat a success (never change a winning horse?). For that reason I made three temperature and humidity sensors. To verify the working I placed them next to eachother and analysed the data on Thingspeak. See here the result, looks great isnt it?


Ok, not really… Looks like I have got a problem with one of them. The humidity data of one of the sensors (red line) is is 20 to 30% off.

I think that its due to a defect sensor and that it is not the power line or someting else. First thing I am going to try is to remove the 8K pull down resistor between the power and data IN line.


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Vandaag heb ik doosjes geprint voor de weerstationnetjes voor de deelnemers van mijn knutsel workshop IOT op ExploRail. Het resultaat mag er wezen en mag mee naar huis na afloop. Hieronder een kleine sfeer impressie:

Verschillende versies (links boven V1, rechts onder V6)
Anet a8
deksels deksels deksels!